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  • "The Fantastic Fig" is the alter-ego of renowned Personal Injury attorney Paul F. Fegen. Mr. Fegen is a native of Los Angeles who attended Los Angeles High School, UCLA as an undergraduate, and USC Law School. He worked his way through school as a dance instructor, a clown, and a juggler.

  • Still a clown at heart, Mr. Fegen can impress with his legal prowess, but he's guaranteed to amaze as the Fantastic Fig.

  • "Most lawyers I meet tell me I'm very good, but most magicians I meet tell me I'm the best they've ever seen."

  • The Fantastic Fig's brand of walk-around magic is sure to liven up any function and infuse a combination of fun, excitement, and a healthy dose of astonishment.

  • Whether catering to a smaller intimate gathering, or a larger venue, the Fantastic Fig can tailor a show that will amaze and delight any fan of close up magic. As he often says: "Doing one card trick can bring out a person's personality, that would otherwise take a whole night of drinking."

  • Check out what some people have said after having their minds blown by the Fantastic Fig:

    • "Can I have your autograph?" Miss Jamaica of Miss Universe Pageant at Century City Plaza Hotel.
    • "On a daily basis, we deal with admirals and generals and you are more impressive." Josh Shachar, President of Engineering Development Corp.
    • "I have lived 72 years and I have never seen anything like this before." Father of tenant, Greg Chavez.
    • "I've always thought if I saw magicians do tricks up close, I could catch what they're doing. I can't see how you do it." Randolph Brown.
    • "You are as good, or better, than David Copperfield." Bernd Hackenberg, Puzzle Box inventor.
    • "I haven't been drunk in 2 years. I don't understand." Gunnar, client of Brad Herschel.
    • "You're good, man." Andrew Dice Clay, comedian.
    • "Mommy, do I have a hole in my head? Because he can see what I'm thinking!" Anonymous little girl.
    • "I am not leaving your office until you tell me how you did that trick. You can even call the police." Stella Berestetsy, real estate broker.
    • "And to think that your talents are wasted in law and real estate." Advertising manager, Matthew Bender.
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