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Paul F. Fegen is a native of Los Angeles who attended Los Angeles High School, UCLA (as an undergraduate), and USC Law School. Mr. Fegen was admitted to the bar in June 1961.

In his first few years of practice, Mr. Fegen specialized in entertainment law and personal injury work. He soon became one of the most financially successful personal injury attorneys in the state of California. He is a preeminent expert in simplified procedures and forms and has made his personal injury practice a "science".

In several decades of practice, Paul Fegen has settled over 5,000 cases for a total well in excess of $30 million.

To this day Paul Fegen's name is well known among most lawyers and judges.

Mr. Fegen's knowledge of law and practicing it is so extensive that he is listed as the the Adviser to the California Young Lawyers Association Task Force in the "Opening a Law Office" Handbook.

Paul Fegen was also honored for his contributions to the legal profession with a Los Angeles City Council resolution signed by Mayor Tom Bradley.

Mr. Fegen has been on numerous television programs for his contributions to the legal field as well as his often high-profile cases. He has appeared on such programs as "Celebrity Justice," "Inside Edition", "Geraldo at Large" and the local news on many occasions.


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